The Rise of Indie Writers in an AI World

Independent writer competing in an AI world

It’s easy to think that writing created by AI might push independent authors out of the picture. But I believe it could do just the opposite. Hear me out!

The more AI writes, the more people might value stories only humans can tell. When AI-written content is everywhere, the personal touch of human writers could become a rare and valuable thing.

Imagine a world where tools like ChatGPT are used to write tons of articles and stories, leading to a lot of similar-sounding digital content. These AI-written pieces will of course be neat and make sense, but they might miss the emotional richness and personal touches that make a human story come alive. In this world, readers will look for authenticity and the spark of personal connection in what they read.

Imagine an author — let’s call her Lucy — who is also a chef. Lucy loves to tell stories while sharing her unique recipes, which come from her mixed cultural roots. Her writing is full of sensory experience, memories of her childhood, and quircky cultural references. Readers love her genuine and lively storytelling, something AI just can’t quite recreate.

As people look for more genuine stories like Lucy’s, the demand for original works will go up.

Instead of being scared of AI-written content, creative authors can use it to help them in their work. They can use auto-generate content as a scaffold and add their own creativity, to improve the storytelling and explore new ideas.

The growth of AI doesn’t have to be a bad thing for writers. It can help them stand out among a grey background of dull digital content. In this new world, they won’t just get by — they’ll shine as the real deal in a sea of sameness, bringing authenticity and creativity to the information-hungry readers (see what I did there, Lucy?) around the world.