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1. Designs and Prototypes

Why should I hire a consultant to design my product / website / app?

Your team may have the skills to build a world class product, but can they design a world class experience?

I can create rapid prototypes, and test them on real users, until they are ready to hand over to your developers. I can, optionally, deliver stunning visual designs.

What can I expect from the prototype?

I rapidly create  low-fidelity click-through prototypes using Balsamiq Mockups and other tools.

I work with you to rapidly revise, iterate and validate the prototype.

Can you design finished websites / apps?

Yes, I can design an entire website or app from wireframes through to the polished design. I am primarily an interaction designer (wireframes / prototypes), and though I have strong Photoshop/HTML/CSS skills, for truly world-class designs, I have built relationships with overseas designers who offer excellent rates.

Can you do Mobile App or Watch App designs?

Yes. I can do mobile app designs and prototypes, both low and high fidelity.  I can also produce Android wear designs. See the video above for a rapid prototype I created for an Android Wear app.

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