DoneDeal — Immediately Effective

DoneDeal - A clean and effective homepage

When I arrive at any website, I know what I don’t want. Please — no waiting, filling out interminable forms, unticking radio buttons, or being redirected.  I want a site that is immediately effective.

With over two million visitors per month, Irish classified website, is one of Ireland’s most successful websites.

  • On the homepage, you straight away see both the search and sell options.
  • Each of the categories are indicated by simple, attractive graphics.
  • The main menu is exceedingly simple: “Home / Search / Place Ad / Help”

DoneDeal has several prilosec usability issues (usability perfection is impossible!), but overall it is an easy to “get”, easy to use site.

The site’s good usability did not come through luck — the founders Fred and Geraldine Karlsonn explain that they have focussed on the user experience and that they regard ‘listening to customers’ as one of the most important steps to a successful web business.