Ireland Estonia Tickets: Bad Experience – Design or Intent?

A supermarket likes to keep the milk and bread at the back, so customers will browse other items on the way. What about web pages?

Today, I wanted to buy tickets for the upcoming Republic of Ireland vs. Estonia football game, so I logged onto the Football Association of Ireland’s homepage:

A snapshot of the FAI homepage.

It seems straightforward — click the picture, buy the tickets (walk down the aisle, get to the milk), right?

Of course not.

Clicking the picture, or even the “Click Here to Purchase Online” banner, took me to a new website — — which opened it a new website.

Landed on the Ticketmaster homepage; what's all this other stuff?!

Worse, I am now on the Ticketmaster homepage, not a specific landing page for the Ireland vs. Estonia tickets.

Even worse, I can’t find any mention of the Ireland vs. Estonia game on the website.

Was this a carefully designed experience — a plan to get me to check out all those other “upcoming events”?  Are the FAI and Ticketmaster trying to get me interested in Noel Gallaghers new band? Are they trying to tempt me with other groceries before I buy the milk?

Or have they simply put no thought into their user experience? You decide…

They could have just taken me straight to the milk.

One reply on “Ireland Estonia Tickets: Bad Experience – Design or Intent?”

Totally agree with you! It looks like is harder and harder to get a ticket for the event…if you go on other websites looks easier to buy them but they are overcharged by 67£ (pounds) for commissions. On ticketmaster, once found the event, I cannot buy an adult and child ticket because I’ve no promotional code…but it’s not explained where to get one. How can I explain that to my 10 years old son? then you watch it on telly and the Aviva is half empty…It’s pathetic, really.

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