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2. Expert Review

What is an Expert Usability / UX Review?

An expert usability or UX review is an audit of your product, website or app, carried out by an experienced, accredited practitioner.


What Does it Involve?

  1. I analyse the user experience of your website, product or system by:
    • Checking for common usability issues
    • Measuring against international best practices, specifically the Nielsen-Norman guidelines
    • Drawing upon my 20 years of experience in web design, software, usability and UX
  2. I describe each issue, usually with screenshots
  3. I rank each issues by severity (e.g. high, medium, low)
  4. I suggest pragmatic solutions for each issue that I identify

What are the Benefits to an Expert Review?

  • Insight and Recommendations – I tell you what’s broken with your site, app or product and how to fix it
  • Speed – I typically deliver our reports within a few working days of commencement

What Experience / Accreditation do you Have?

I am one of the only Irish UX professionals listed with the UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association). Read more about my 20 years’ experience in web design and usability / UX.

How much does it cost?

My day rate is €700 euros. A typical review project lasts between 1.5 days to 5 days.

All prices quoted are ex VAT @ 23%, where applicable.

Do you work with clients outside Ireland?

Yes! I am happy to work with clients from anywhere in the world. We may be able do it all remotely, or I may be able to travel if that works best for both of us. As an example, I recently worked entirely remotely on a project with Balsamiq, who are based in Italy and the US.

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