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Usability Reviews

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What is a Usability Expert Review?

A usability expert review is an audit of your software, carried out by an experienced usability practitioner who uses ‘heuristic’ principles.

My Method

  1. I analyse the user experience of your website, product or system by:
    • Checking for common usability issues
    • Measuring against international best practices, e.g. the Neilsen-Norman heuristic guidelines
    • Drawing upon my real-world usability experience to uncover any additional UX issues
  2. I describe each issue, with screenshots
  3. I group issues according to severity
  4. I recommend pragmatic solutions


  • Easy to understand –My reports are straightforward
  • Solutions – I tell you what’s broken and how to fix it
  • Speed – I typically deliver our reports within five working days of commencement.