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Hi. Michael Heraghty. I'm a UX consultant, designer and problem solver.

Your customers want an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. I help you give it to them.

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Some Things You Should Know Up Front

  • Over 15 years usability/UX experience
  • I mainly work with large and/or corporate clients
  • I am not a graphic designer or front-end developer
  • I have a strong network of world-class designers and front-end developers

Latest from the Blog

10 Ways to Make Clients Love Usability Testing



Many of my clients have never previously carried out usability testing. Even when I tell them about how successful testing has been for my other clients, I can sense that they are nervous. For many people, usability testing feels like a step into the unknown.

To overcome the client’s fears, I use a clear testing method, which I talk through with them at the outset. The method involves a number of steps:

1. Recruit five to seven users

I recruit a minimum of five and a maximum of seven users. Clients who are more familiar with focus groups or surveys sometimes think this number is too low. I explain how, for usability testing, a small test group captures most of the big usability issues. After …