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Michael did an excellent job, providing us with lots of extremely useful insights into our own product. His reports were clean and concise. His recommendations made their way into the product immediately, and we were able to notice improvements right away.

Giacomo (Peldi) Guilizzoni, Founder and CEO, Balsamiq

UX Guidelines for Error Handling

By Michael Heraghty on November 25th, 2015
message not proximate

Not what you want to see!

Error handling is too often an overlooked aspect of UX design. Removing the pain from error experiences is critical because if a user encounters an error, they are probably already frustrated.

Error messages expose the interface. A well-designed interface becomes invisible; the user is not thinking about the interface but about her tasks. So errors are where the interface manifests — where users actively think about the experience.

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Why Your App Will Probably Fail

By Michael Heraghty on September 9th, 2015

happy shapes

When clients tell me they want to make an app, the question I ask is: why?

The potential rewards of creating a successful app are huge. The internet has recently crossed the mobile tipping point; in the US alone, adults now spend more time accessing digital media from their mobiles than from desktops.

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