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Michael did an excellent job, providing us with lots of extremely useful insights into our own product. His reports were clean and concise. His recommendations made their way into the product immediately, and we were able to notice improvements right away.

Giacomo (Peldi) Guilizzoni, Founder and CEO, Balsamiq


  • A visual, easy to understand report
  • Rapidly identify your UX problems
  • I propose a solution for every issue


  • Quick and dirty testing with real users
  • Stop guessing and start observing
  • I discuss the findings and we explore solutions


  • I find out what your customers really want
  • I rapidly create design prototypes
  • If you need world class visual designs, HTML and CSS, I can get you those too
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How I Made a Rapid Android Wear Prototype Using Balsamiq and Pixate

By on May 12th, 2015


The video above shows a simple prototype for an Android Wear app, running on an an LG G watch R, which I created within a few hours of coming up with the concept — with ZERO CODING.


The idea of the app is to show the user the names (and faces) of other people attending a meeting.

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It doesn’t matter how it got this way. Just fix it.

By on May 7th, 2015

jeff bezos

Initial client meeting

Client: “We’d like you to conduct user testing of our website.”

Me: “Great.”

Client: (Laughs.) “And don’t worry. We’ve got thick skins. We want honest, open feedback.”

Later … Worskshop to discuss the findings

Me: The users I tested loved the “Try it Now FREE” button on the homepage.

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