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Michael did an excellent job, providing us with lots of extremely useful insights into our own product. His reports were clean and concise. His recommendations made their way into the product immediately, and we were able to notice improvements right away.

Giacomo (Peldi) Guilizzoni, Founder and CEO, Balsamiq


  • Need an easy to understand UX report?
  • I rapidly identify your UX strenths & weaknesses
  • For each UX problem, I give you a solution


  • I conduct quick 'n' dirty testing with real users
  • You stop guessing and gain insights
  • After testing, I help you figure out what to do next


  • I find out what your customers WANT
  • I create click-through prototypes and we NAIL the interaction design
  • I collaborate with other experts to produce world class visual designs, HTML, CSS and JS
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Designing for a Juicier Web

By on June 19th, 2015
Image by Gyorgy Weil.

Image by Gyorgy Weil.

The first book I bought on web design, in 1998, was The Principles of Web Design by Jeffrey Veen. Jeff’s tips included how to create a striped web page background using by repeating a single-pixel GIF as a pattern in the HTML code (CSS hadn’t really caught on yet).

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How to Make Unforgettable PowerPoint Presentations

By on June 15th, 2015

Imagine the scene.  It’s Friday night. It’s been a long, hard week. You’re slouching back on the sofa with your significant other. You’ve got the chocolate, the popcorn — you’re ready to let your imagination be whisked away for a couple of hours by whatever old movie is on TV…


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